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Dr Susana Sauret-Gueto

Dr Susana Sauret-Gueto

Research Services Manager
Research support

ss2359 [at]

I manage all aspects for the smooth running of Research Services at CSC working with the CSC Research Support Team, and I am Deputy Safety Officer.

I prioritise supporting an inclusive and collaborative research culture. I am a senior researcher with a strong interest in influencing good research data management practices to produce high-quality research.

With broad experience in molecular genetics, synthetic biology, bioimaging, morphogenesis and plant development. With strong critical analytical thinking, throughout my career I’ve been exceptionally proactive to embrace new concepts and methods. As Microscopy Specialist, I manage the CSC Microscopy Facility and advice on Microscopy projects.


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Featured at Benchtalk: Sauret-Güeto S, Generating FAIR — Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable— Resources with Marchantia, a Prototype for Plant Synthetic Biology: 

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