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Masoomeh Jannesar

Masoomeh Jannesar

Postdoctoral researcher
Cereal symbioses

mj603 [at]

I received my Ph.D from the Tehran University and did my most laboratory works at the National Institute of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology. During PhD, my research mainly focused on designing of novel NGS-based molecular markers for screening of desirable traits and I did genome-wide study of lncRNAs under salt stress condition and I used novel methods for functional analysis of these molecules in pistachio. I joined Uta Paszkowski’s group at the Crop Science Centre. During postdoctoral project, computational approach for a high performance analysis of big sequence data will be used to study the evolutionary history of the DWARF14-LIKE receptor and identify protein features that condition symbiosis signalling. Results obtained from these efforts will then be experimentally validated.


Masoomeh Jannesar, Seyed Mahdi Seyedi and Christopher Botanga. (2021). Targeted designing functional markers revealed the role of retrotransposon derived miRNAs as mobile epigenetic regulators in adaptation responses of pistachio. Scientific reports.

Masoomeh Jannesar, Seyed Mahdi Seyedi, Vahid Niknam, Effat Ghadirzadeh-Khorzoghi and Hassan Ebrahimzadeh. (2021). Salicylic acid, as a positive regulator of Isochorismate synthase, reduces the negative effect of salt stress on Pistacia vera L. by increasing photosynthetic pigments and inducing antioxidant activity. Journal of Plant Growth Regulation.

Masoomeh Jannesar, Seyed Mahdi Seyedi, Maryam Moazzzam Jazi, Vahid Niknam, Hassan Ebrahimzadeh and Christopher Botanga. (2020). A genome-wide identification, characterization and functional analysis of salt-related long non-coding RNAs in non-model plant Pistacia vera L. using transcriptome high throughput sequencing. Scientific reports.