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Stéphanie Swarbreck

Stéphanie Swarbreck

Group Leader Crop Molecular Physiology at NIAB
Evolutionary genetics and systems modelling

Stephanie.swarbreck [at]

Stéphanie is interested in understanding how crops

respond to nutrient availability. Her research aims to provide useful information for the development of crop varieties (especially wheat) that can produce high yield with lower fertiliser inputs. Through collaboration with Ethiopia and India, she has strong interest in millet species (e.g. foxtail millet, pearl millet and finger millet) as well as tef (Eragrostis tef).


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Swarbreck SM (2021) Phytohormones Interplay: Karrikin signalling promotes ethylene synthesis to modulate roots. Trends in Plant Science, 26(4):308-311.

Swarbreck SM, Mohammad-Sidik A, Davies JM (2020) Common components of the strigolactone and karrikin signaling pathways suppress root branching in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant Physiology, 184:18-22

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