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Tak Lee

Tak Lee

Postdoctoral researcher
Sustainable crop nutrition

tl473 [at]

Tak received his Ph.D. at the Yonsei University, South Korea, studying biological functional gene networks in plant species. He moved to Sainsbury Laboratory Cambridge University for a Postdoctoral research position with Professor Giles Oldroyd, later moving on to the Crop Science Center. Tak’s research is focused on dissecting the genetic networks of model legumes in comparison with cereal crops during symbiosis with microorganisms via high-throughput transcriptomics, genetics, molecular biology and bioinformatic analysis. 


Processing of NODULE INCEPTION controls the transition to nitrogen fixation in root nodules, Jian Feng, Tak Lee, Katharina Schiessl, Giles Oldroyd, Science, 2021, 374(6567), 629-732


Chaperone-like protein DAY plays critical roles in photomorphogenesis

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A mycorrhiza-associated receptor-like kinase with an ancient origin in the green lineage,

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AraNet: a network biology server for Arabidopsis thaliana and other non-model plant species

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