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Thomas Irving

Thomas Irving

Post-doctoral researcher
Cereal symbioses


I'm a post-doc in the Cereal Symbiosis group, and will be working on identifying the endogenous ligand of D14L; taking positive hits from a chemical genomics screen and working with the Sainsbury Labs to design a FRET based biosensor to screen these, then confirming candidates with ITC and in planta

This is my second post-doc in a career focused on the molecular genetics of plant root symbioses; having done my PhD at York with Michael Schultze and a post-doc at Madison, WI with Jean-Michel Ane.


Deciphering the Chitin Code in Plant Symbiosis, Defense, and Microbial Networks.

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 A critical review of 25 years of glomalin research: a better mechanical understanding and robust quantification techniques are required.

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 Are we there yet? The long walk towards the development of efficient symbiotic associations between nitrogen-fixing bacteria and non-leguminous crops.

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